Battlefield 2 is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Digital Illusions CE (DICE), with contributions by Trauma Studios. Battlefield 2 was published by Electronic Arts and is the third full game in the Battlefield series, released on June 21, 2005, in North America for Microsoft Windows. The latest version is v1.50, which was released on September 1, 2009, and added the content of the Euro Force and Armored Fury booster packs, as well as the Highway Tampa and Operation Blue Pearl maps.
Players fight in a modern battlefield, using modern weapon systems. Battlefield 2 is a first-person shooter with some strategy and role-playing game elements.
The single-player aspect features missions that involve clashes between U.S. Marines, China and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition. The multiplayer aspect of the game allows players to organize into squads that come under the leadership of a single commander to promote teamwork. The story takes place in the early 21st century during a fictional world war between various power blocs: China, the European Union, the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition (MEC), Russia and the United States. The game takes place in different fronts, as the Middle East and China are being invaded by US and EU forces, and the United States is being invaded by Chinese and MEC forces. A sequel, Battlefield 3, was released in October 2011. On June 30, 2014, EA shut down the online play functionality, citing low player counts.



Bit Torrent Download

Bit Torrent Download

BitTorrent is a protocol for the practice of peer-to-peer file sharing that is used to distribute large amounts of data over the Internet. BitTorrent is one of the most common protocols for transferring large files, and peer-to-peer networks have been estimated to collectively account for approximately 43% to 70% of all Internet traffic (depending on geographical location) as of February 2009.] In November 2004, BitTorrent was responsible for 35% of all Internet traffic.As of February 2013, BitTorrent was responsible for 3.35% of all worldwide bandwidth, more than half of the 6% of total bandwidth dedicated to file sharing.[3]
To send or receive files the user must have a BitTorrent client; a computer program that implements the BitTorrent protocol. Some popular BitTorrent clients include Xunlei, Transmission, ╬╝Torrent, MediaGet, Vuze and BitComet. BitTorrent trackers provide a list of files available for transfer, and assist in transferring and reconstructing the files. The best-known BitTorrent tracker is The Pirate Bay.
Programmer Bram Cohen, a former University at Buffalo graduate student in Computer Science, designed the protocol in April 2001 and released the first available version on 2 July 2001, and the final version in 2008. BitTorrent clients are available for a variety of computing platforms and operating systems including an official client released by Bittorrent, Inc.


Cheat Engine Download 6.0.4

 Cheat Engine Download 6.0.4

Here is how it works:
- First we need to make sure that Cheat Engine and your game are running, then we click the little PC icon in Cheat Engine to choose the game process. In the list you now select your game process; it is usually called the same as your game and can also be identified by its icon that should correspond to the game icon on your Desktop or Start Menu.

- After you have chosen your game process, you now need to find the value you want to hack. Health, Skill Points, Gold, Money, Energy and similar values shown in your HUD or character menus are generally useful to hack.
- After you have chosen an in game value you would like to change, enter it under Value, click New Scan, then First Scan. – Cheat Engine will now browse your game process for the value you entered and display all corresponding values in the list on the left.
- Now in the list on the left there will most likely be a lot of values with the same value as the variable you are trying to change. Now to narrow the list down, we go into the game and change the value by doing whatever one needs to do in game in order to change it. – That means spend cash, spend skill points, spend energy, get hurt.. whatever it takes.
- Now that the value has changed, we go back into Cheat Engine and enter the new value, then press Next Scan. We repeat that until we are just left with 1 or 2 values (could be more too).
- Now in order to change the value(s), we select it/them, then click the red arrow in Cheat Engine. That should put the values in the list at the bottom of Cheat Engine.
- Now we select the value(s) again in the list at the bottom and Right Click them, go to Change Record, and then Value. Now enter the value you want the value to change into and you are done. Go back into the game and enjoy

Download Cheat Engine

MS Office 2003 Super Compressed- 30MB ONLY

MS Office 2003 Super Compressed- 30MB ONLY

Image result for ms office
This is the Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, super compressed version, only 32 MB, no key or activation required. Adopted the automatic and silent installation (do not need to manually install). The default installation directory is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office” (for Windows 8.1).
This version can support full range of Windows platforms perfectly (from XP to WIN8.1), and automatically integrated into the ‘New’ context menu. But we did not test its compatibility to the higher versions of Office documents.

  • Microsoft Office Access 2003
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2003
  • Microsoft Office Picture Manager
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003
  • Microsoft Office Word 2003


GTA San Andreas PC Game (Highly compressed )

GTA San Andreas PC Game (Highly compressed )


Name : GTA San Andreas
Mod Name : Extreme Edition
Year Release : 2011
Publisher : Rockstar
Platform : PC
Genre : Action/Adventure/Racing
Release Date : 1/1/2011

Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the Los Santos (state of San Andreas) - City crime, drugs and corruption, where even movie stars and millionaires have any means to protect themselves from extortionists and gangsters.Start the 1990's. Carl returns home. His mother was killed, the family split up, my friends are in trouble, but against him made a false accusation of murder. To return the family and restore the old context, Carl goes on a dangerous trip to San Andreas: it should in no matter what was to win the streets of the state.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
1GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon Processor
768 MB of RAM
8 speed DVD-ROM Drive
5.3 GB of free Hard Disk space for a minimal install
64 MB Video Card with DirectX 9 compatible drivers
("GeForce3" or better)
DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card

Recommended Hardware Requirements:
Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP processor (or better)
1GB (+) MB of RAM
16 speed DVD-ROM drive
5.5 GB of free Hard Disk space for a install
128(+) MB Video Card with DirectX 9 compatible drivers
("GeForce4" or better)
DirectX 9 compatible Surround Sound Card
Game pad with twin axis analogue controls (USB or Joystick Port)


Install Notes :-

0. unrar the app
1. click on setup.bat file
2. wait few minutes ( 5-10 min)
3. all process will complete automatically then click enter
4. also shortcut add in destop automatic
5. so click on Sa_launcher or click on desktop shortcut(GTA San Andreas Launcher)
6. and Play and ENJOY :)


Just Cause (PC Game) Full Version - Extremly Compressed

 Just Cause (PC Game) Full Version - Extremely Compressed

Just Cause is set on a fictional South American tropical island known as "San Esperito", where the player works as an Agency black ops agent Rico Rodriguez, supporting a Guerrilla war to overthrow San Esperito's dictator, who may be in possession of weapons of mass destruction.
The core gameplay consists of elements of a third-person shooter and a driving game, with a large, open environment to move around in. On foot, the player's character is capable of walking, swimming and jumping, as well as utilizing weapons and basic hand to hand combat. Players can take control of a variety of vehicles, including cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters and motorcycles. Players can also perform stunts with their cars in which they can stand on the roof and jump to another car, or choose to open their parachute whilst still in motion on the roof. Other key features of the game include parasailing (grappling onto a car while utilizing a parachute) and skydiving.
The open, non-linear environment allows players to explore and choose how they wish to play the game. Although storyline missions are necessary to progress through the game, players can complete them at their own leisure. When not taking on a storyline mission, players can free-roam and create havoc. However, doing so can attract unwanted and potentially fatal attention from the authorities - "Heat".
The player can also partake in a variety of optional side missions, for example liberating a village or taking over a drug cartel plantation/villa. These are generally quite repetitive but are necessary to gain points with certain factions


DriverPack Solution 14.15.2 Full + DriverPack's 15.02.2

DriverPack Solution 14.15.2 Full + DriverPack's 15.02.2


DriverPack Solution 14 – is the most popular program to automatically install, update and search for drivers in Offline mode or Online. This is a versatile manager to install drivers for all versions of Windows. Unlike the built-in Windows driver updates, this program can be used even without the Internet, and search / install drivers for devices not only popular Wender (as is the case with Windows Update).
  • Automatic driver installation.
  • Install all the drivers on virtually any computer for only about 5 minutes.
  • Saving of time.
  • After downloading the driver once no longer need to spend time searching for drivers.
  • Any driver for any computer.
  • All drivers on a single DVD-ROM!
  • Simplify downloading new drivers from the Internet.
  • Ability to update drivers.
  • Upgrade existing driver to more recent versions.
  • Supports all modern operating systems! As a 32-and 64-bit versions!
  • Ease of use.
  • Simple and intuitive interface

Fully refurbished shell DRP 14.15.2 automatically selects and installs the necessary drivers for your computer. This version has many new features and optimized for the new operating system Windows 8.1.
Compared with the previous version of the DRP 14.15.2 in this version significantly corrected shell and completely new driver packs. Installing the drivers provided in the shell just a few clicks, and this process can be fully automated. Thanks freshest driver-pakam, this program installs the drivers on virtually any computer of any age.
Installation and driver updates this program can be implemented without an Internet connection directly from the HDD / flash / DVD

Included in the collection of driver packs : • DP_Biometric_15022.7z
• DP_Bluetooth_15022.7z
• DP_CardReader_15015.7z
• DP_Chipset_15022.7z
• DP_LAN_Intel_15000.7z
• DP_LAN_Others_15021.7z
• DP_LAN_Realtek_15021.7z
• DP_MassStorage_15014.7z
• DP_Misc_15022.7z
• DP_Modem_15021.7z
• DP_Monitor_15000.7z
• DP_Printer_15021.7z
• DP_Sound_ADI_15000.7z
• DP_Sound_CMedia_15015.7z
• DP_Sound_Conexant_15022.7z
• DP_Sound_Creative_15000.7z
• DP_Sound_IDT_15000.7z
• DP_Sound_Others_15000.7z
• DP_Sound_VIA_15022.7z
• DP_Sounds_HDMI_15021.7z
• DP_Sounds_Realtek_15022.7z
• DP_Telephone_15000.7z
• DP_Touchpad_Alps_15015.7z
• DP_Touchpad_Cypress_15000.7z
• DP_Touchpad_Elan_15021.7z
• DP_Touchpad_Others_15000.7z
• DP_Touchpad_Synaptics_15021.7z
• DP_TV_Aver_15022.7z
• DP_TV_Beholder_15000.7z
• DP_TV_DVB_15000.7z
• DP_TV_Others_15000.7z
• DP_Vendor_15021.7z
• DP_Video_Intel_NT_15021.7z
• DP_Video_Intel_XP_15000.7z
• DP_Video_nVIDIA_Server_15022.7z
• DP_Video_nVIDIA_NT_15022.7z
• DP_Video_nVIDIA_XP_15021.7z
• DP_Videos_AMD_Server_15000.7z
• DP_Videos_AMD_NT_15000.7z
• DP_Videos_AMD_XP_15000.7z
• DP_Video_Others_15000.7z
• DP_WebCam_15022.7z
• DP_WLAN_15021.7z
• DP_xUSB_15022.7z


Avira Antivirus Pro 2015 v15.0.8.624 + Key

Avira Antivirus Pro 2015 v15.0.8.624 + Key


Avira AntiVir Premium reliably protects you against all threats from viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, phishings, adware, spyware, bots and dangerous “drive-by” downloads. Best detection rates and top-class security with several updates every day.

Advanced protection: Includes basic antivirus protection PLUS: email protection (POP3), AntiPhishing, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware and more. With real-time on-access scanning, profile-based on-demand scans and scheduling of full system scanning and updates it offers premium protection. It includes a POP3 based MailScanner that scans emails before they are stored on your machine. With a user-friendly control center, quarantine management, fast performance and world leading detection rates the Avira AntiVir Premium provides essential protection for your PC.
What’s New:-

• Staying safe online isn’t merely about shielding your PC. It’s about being in control of your security and privacy, no matter how, when and where you connect. That’s why the new version of Avira is designed to revolve around you, protecting your PC, your smartphone and your web privacy. Extend security to every facet of your online life.

• Browser Tracking Blocker – new. Stops over 600 companies from recording your web activities

• Protection Cloud – new. Real-time malware classification and extremely fast system scanning

• Website Safety Advisor – new. Security ratings in your search results—know before you go!

• Advanced AntiPhishing – new. Proactive protection from the craftiest email scams

• Security for Android – new. Lost phone recovery, privacy protection and call/SMS blocking

• Social Network Protection – new. Intelligent parental controls for Facebook and other social sites

Operating system:- Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)

What's new in "update 8"? New features include:-

• Revised update mechanism offering more flexibility and better support for scenarios using a proxy

• Additional sensors for Behavior-based Detection have been implemented

• The Avira Free Antivirus detection update frequency has been increased (default frequency is set on 2h, same as Avira Antivirus Pro)




Avast! Pro Antivirus 2015 10.0.2206 + Crack

 The newest version of the most-trusted security in the world is ready, and it’s completely free. Avast protects more than 230 million people, businesses, and mobile devices worldwide


1- Uninstall any old version of avast

2- Go to downloaded folder 'Avast! Pro Antivirus 2015 - 10.0.2206'

3- Run the installer 'Avast! Pro Antivirus 2015 - 10.0.2206 - BRSHARES'



6- Install Avast as a 30-day trial (DEMO)


1- Go to Avast Settings > Troubleshooting > and uncheck 'Enable avast self defense module' (You should recheck it later when everything is done.)

2- Return to Installer menu, then click 'ATIVADOR' to open the Folder

3- Open 'CRACK' Folder, copy file 'Version.dll', paste it to the folder where avast is installed

(If the file cannot be copied, make sure the 'Enable avast self defense module' is unchecked in the settings.)

4- Go back to the installer menu, click 'ATIVADOR' to open the folder

5- Run the activator 'Avast License ZeNiX 2014-03-14'

password: ZeNiX
(case sensitive)

(If there's an error, ignore it. The computer will restart)


If your software is Windows XP, proceed to the instructions below:

6- After restarting your computer, Return to installer menu.

7- Click 'ATIVADOR' to open the folder.

8- Double click 'AVAST XP ZeNiX.reg', the registration entries.

(When a message box appears, just click continue and agree to restart the computer again.)